Massage in Dushanbe: prices and contacts of the best masseuses


Gentle Massage from beautiful girls and strong men in the city of Dushanbe is provided by SPA salons and private masseuses / masseurs with pleasant touches. The harmony of a cozy atmosphere in special SPA salons or the organization of on-site massages at your accommodation (hotel / house) is now …

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Curriculum vitae Shon MS Date of birth 11.10.1970. Turkmenistan.  Ashkhobod City, 22/2. f-23.,  Mardum street Tel. (+998) 000 0000200 e-mail: Experience JSC “Bank”   Director of  Branch monitoring division (28.12.2013- till now.) –  Performance monitoring; –  Monitoring for regulatory compliance; –  Inspection and audit; –  Assessment of activity; –  …

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Beeline Tajikistan

beeline tajikistan

ESSENCE OF THE DEPARTMENT The purpose of the department is to provide a full-scale analytical support to the company management. The department is established mainly to provide all necessary information with regard to obtained results to the company management, as well as to execute planning and analytical work. This information …

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SAMPLE OF BALANCE BANK OF TAJIKISTAN December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2020


COMPARATIVE BALANCE of  JSC ” BANK”  December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2020 Account Name On Oktober 30, 2020 On November 30, 2020 Difference                               (+, -) Growth  rate                     (%) ASSETS Liquid assets – total 46 840 626 52 960 326 6 119 700 -11,49% including: – cash and gold 21 …

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Recommendation letter from manager


May 10, 2017 To Whom It May Concern, I had the pleasure of working with Mirziyoev Shavkat during his tenure as Head of the Loans Division of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Bank” in Tashkent in 1985-200. As Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Bank” and his direct supervisor, …

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Letter of reference from supervisor


To whom it may concern:  A Letter of Reference  This letter is to notify you that Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky really works in OJSC “Ukraina” as one of the best experts in the field of budget, loan, analysis, control, management as well as compilation of reports for the country’s government, head …

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Sale of apartments in Dushanbe: 1-bedroom, 2, 3, 4, 5 at low prices


In the city of Dushanbe, there are a lot of proposals for the purchase and sale of real estate, among which mostly new buildings are popular since their prices are lower in the order of 50-70%. For example, if in the inhabited apartments cost 700-800 US dollars, then in new …

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Hotel Service Agreement


Hotel Service Agreement №___ Tashkent city «___» 2019 «TASHKENT» LLC a company duly registered and existing under the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, represented by General Director Lolar J.L., acting on the basis of the Chart (hereinafter – the “Hotel”), on the other part, and ____Transavia Express, a company …

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Menu restaurant of Dushanbe

хурокхои бомаза

SIDESALADS Salad “Green Glade”       Fresh green Salads from the Garden                       80 gr           8 somoni Tajik Lemons Salad “Apple”                                                          120 gr         10 somoni Lettuce with Slides of Apple,  White Wine Sauce Salad – “Grape”                                                        120 gr  …

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