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Menu restaurant of Dushanbe


Salad “Green Glade”      

Fresh green Salads from the Garden                       80 gr           8 somoni

Tajik Lemons

Salad “Apple”                                                          120 gr         10 somoni

Lettuce with Slides of Apple,  White Wine Sauce

Salad – “Grape”                                                        120 gr            10 somoni

Green Leaves Salad with Celery, Parsley and Grapefruit

Тарабхона точикистон


Vegetables, fresh from the Market          350 gr     25 somoni

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Redish, Greens

Pickles                                                            300 gr      25 somoni

Pickled Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Anzur Onions

Cold Meat Platter

Beef Tongue, boiled Beef, Chicken Roll, Kazy    350 gr     48 somoni

Georgian Cheese 250 gr   48 somoni

“Suluguni”, “Emeriti”, Roll with Pistachio,

Dried Apricots, Walnuts

Tajik Honey

Russian herring                                                200 gr          22 somoni

Pickled Herring with boiled Potatoes and Onions


Eggplant with Nuts                                            200 gr           26 somoni

Fried eggplants – Aubergines, Walnuts, Georgian Spices


GeorganPkhali300 grams                             33 somoni

Chopped and minced Spinach, Cabbage, Carrots, Walnuts,

Georgian Spices

Satsivi chicken200 gr 35 somoni

Chicken filet in Walnuts Sauce,  Spices

Тарабхонаи Шумон


MegrelianLobio250 gr 26 somoni

Red Beans, Onions, Herbs, Spice

Suluguni cheese                                              150 gr            25 somoni

Fried on Ketsi

Khinkali(by order)3 pcs27somoni

Boiled Dumplings in Pastry                                  1 pcs               10 somoni

Fried Julienne of fresh Champignons80 gr 18somoni

Thai salad                                                  200 gr.    26 somoni

Spicy snack200gr                                   26 somoni

(fried eggplant, pepper, adjika, greens)

Georgian dumplings                            1 pcs                                  6 somoni

(dough, Georgian cheese)

хурокхои бомаза


Chicken Noodle Broth

Chicken Broth, Onion, homemade Noodles 300 gr 17 somoni

Soup Kharcho                                                                                             250 gr                                      17 somoni

Beef, Rice, Onions, Tomato Paste, Greens, Georgian Spices

Khashlama                                                                                                250 gr                            17 somoni

Beef Broth with Meat, Pepper, Carrot, Onion, Garlic

Creamed MushroomSoup300 gr 25 somoni

Tomato soup with salmon 300 gr 32 somoni

Spicy Beef Mushroom Soup                                                                   250gr                                 18 somoni

(fried mushrooms, cream, spices)



Tel: (+992) 44 640 01 09
E-mail: info@shumonhotel.com
www. shumonhotel.com


Roast – braised Veal “Shumon”200 gr 45 somoni
Stew of Onions, Cherries and black Pepper
Grilled Minion Beefsteak 200 gr58 somoni
With grilled Gardenvegetables
Grilled Beefsteak in white Sauce 200 gr 58 somoni
Cutletwith Mince200 gr 25 somoni
Mozarrellacheese, mince
Fried Rolls of chopped Veal with cheese 200 gr 58 somoni
Chashushuli220 gr 35 somoni
Stewed Beef, Tomato Paste, Vegetables, Greens
and Georgian Spices)
Ojahuri200 gr 28 somoni
PanfriedBeef, bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Spices,
Fried Potatoes


Mutton brisket with Narsharab200 gr 39 somoni
Roast Loin with Onions and Pomegranate -Sauce
Kazan Kebab 180 39 somoni
Roast-Braised Ribs of Lamb, Vegetables, Spices

Fried Filet of Chicken with Prunes 200 gr 35 somoni
Prunes and Lemon Peel
Chicken Shkmersky 200 gr 38 somoni
Fried Chicken in a creamy Garlic Sauce
Chicken Spanish Style 200 gr 26 somoni
Fillet of Chicken, Bell Pepper, Onions, Tomato Paste, Olives and Spices
Chicken fillet with fried fresh Mushrooms 200 gr 33 somoni
Melted Cheese
Roasted Rabbit with Prunes 200 gr 45 somoni
Olives, White Wine

Fried Trout with Lemon(if available) ca. 350 gr 75 somoni
Trout in foil with vegetables ca. 350 gr 75 somoni
Steak of Pike Perch, fried in Butter 200 gr 43 somoni
Small Salad
Pike perch in Foil with Vegetables 180 gr 43 somoni
Grilled Salmon Steakwith Lemon 180 gr 78 somoni
Fresh Salad
Shrimps in spicy Cream Sauce 130gr 135 somoni
Fresh Salad

Rice 120 gr 7 somoni
French fries 120 gr 9 somoni
Potatoes on the village – Panfried120 gr 10 somoni
Baked vegetables 120 gr 12 somoni

Tkemali 50 gr 8 somoni
Georgian wild Plum Sauce
Satsebeli 50 gr 8 somoni
Georgian Tomato Sauce
Bazhe80 gr 18 somoni
Georgian Nut-Sauce
YogurtMatsoni100 gr 7 somoni
Chakka100 gr 5 somoni

Caesar’sSaladwith Chicken200 gr 22 somoni
Lettuce, Chicken Fillet, Caesar Sauce, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese,
Cherry Tomatoes
Caesar’s Salad withShrimps200 gr 38 somoni
GeorgianSalad200 gr 20 somoni
Boiled Beef, Beets,Onions, Greens, Mayonnaise and Spices
TbilisoSalad200 gr 22 somoni
Radish, boiled Beef, Onions, Georgian Spices
English Salad200 gr 21 somoni
Boiled Potatoes, Mushrooms, Chicken Fillet, salted or fresh Cucumber,
Genatsvale Salad200 gr 21 somoni
Grapes, red Beans, Chicken Fillet, Mushrooms, Mayonnaise, Greens, Spices
Japanese Salad 200gr 23 somoni
(fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, green onions, beef tongue, soy sauce)
Greek Salad 200 gr22 somoni
Lettuce, fresh Cucumber , Tomatoes, Pepper, Olives, Onions, Feta Cheese
Kura Salad200 gr 23 somoni
Fresh Cucumber, Tomatoes, Greens, Onions, Walnuts
Russian Salad200 gr 20 somoni
Mushrooms, Slices of boiled Beef, pickled Cucumber, green Onions

Bread basket 350 gr 12 somoni
BorodinskyBread, white Bread,TajikKulcha
MegrelianKhachapuri450 gr 40 somoni
Yeast Dough, homemade Cheese and Egg
Adzhar-style Khachapuri 350 gr 38 somoni
Open Khachapuri with Egg and Butter
Kubdari -Meat Pie 450 gr 42 somoni
Yeast Dough, sliced Beef, Greens, Georgian Spices
Margarita Pizza 350 gr 40 somoni
Dough, Tomato Sauce, fresh Tomatoes, Cheese
Pizza“SHUMON” 350 gr 42 somoni
Dough, Tomato Sauce, fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Beef or Chicken, Cheese

Salad ,, Vitaminka ”200 gr 25 somoni
Orange, fresh Carrots, Seeds, Hard Cheese, Sunflower Oil
Georgian Spinach200 gr 26 somoni
Scalded Spinach, Greens, Walnuts, Spices
Vegatable Soups
Minestrone 300 gr 16 somoni
Seasonal Vegetable Soup
Creamed Soup of fresh Mushrooms and Herbs300 gr 18 somoni
Mashed Pumpkin Soup 300 gr 18 somoni

Vegetable Stew 220 gr 22 somoni
Potatoes, Zucchini, Bulg. Pepper, Onion, Tomato Paste, Greens, Spices
Tbilisi beans 220 gr 30 som
Red Beans, Walnuts, Herbs, Spices
Baked potato with cheese 220 gr 19 somjni
Khinkali – Mushroom Pumpkin 3 pcs 27 somoni

Brown Cake 180 gr 18 somoni
Cheesecake 180 gr 22 somoni
Chocolate Tubes 180 gr 19 somoni
Fresh Fruit Salad with cream 180 gr 25 somoni
Ice Cream assortment – 3 bowls 150 gr 18 somoi
Seasonal fresh Fruit 400 gr 60 somoni

Tsinandali / dry Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni
Pirosmani / semi-dry Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni
Luis Esсhenaues / dry French 750 ml 175 somoni
Asti Martini / sweet Italian 750 ml 280 somoni
Russian champagne 750 ml 110 somoni
Arthur Metz 750 ml 330 somoni

Homemade red / dry / semi-dry 750 ml 125 somoni
Merlot / dry Moldavian 750 ml 175 somoni
Saperavi / dry Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni
Mukuzani / dry Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni
Kindzmarauli / semi-sweet Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni
Alazani Valley / semi-dry Georgian 750 ml 175 somoni


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