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Tajikistan Market Challenges

Mountainous, land-locked terrain bordering China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The most accessible sea ports are located in Karachi (Pakistan), Bandar Abbas (Iran), Poti (Georgia), and Riga (Latvia).

Non-transparent and corrupt customs and tax administration. Underdeveloped transportation infrastructure and difficulty accessing markets.


Conducting business may be complicated by cumbersome standardization and certification regulations, poor consumer and business purchasing power, an unpredictable investment climate, underdeveloped banking and insurance sectors, above-average inflation, potential liquidity concerns, and difficulty obtaining domestic loans.

The Tajik Government has shown a general preference for state-led investments and lacks experience dealing with private businesses and investment.

Economic reforms in Tajikistan are often initiated by the donor community and poorly implemented by the Tajik Government.



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