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Tajikistan Market Challenges


Mountainous, land-locked terrain bordering China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The most accessible sea ports are located in Karachi (Pakistan), Bandar Abbas (Iran), Poti (Georgia), and Riga (Latvia). Non-transparent and corrupt customs and tax administration. Underdeveloped transportation infrastructure and difficulty accessing markets. Conducting business may be complicated by cumbersome standardization and …

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Tajikistan Market Overview

Market Overview tajikistan

Tajikistan’s economy provides a number of opportunities for exporters and investors. With 9.0 million consumers and number of potentially sizeable infrastructure, mining, and tourism projects, Tajikistan has the potential to become a notable market for U.S. exporters. Tajikistan is the world’s 135 th economy with expected per-capita GDP of $9.4 …

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