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Temurdara – Lake in Tajikistan

Temurda is the name of the gorge where there is a very beautiful lake with a similar name on the northern part of the Shakhrinavsky district of the Republic of Tajikistan. Temurdar enter the zone of the national park of Shirkent and is protected by the state.

This article tells the real facts from the words of the visitors of this amazing place, who visited it in early July 2018. According to tourists Temurdar enter the TOP-5 of the best natural places in the Republic of Tajikistan and its beauty is unique and unique where it does not occur in other parts of the country. The name takes the name of the lake from the so-called basmach named Temur who escaped to this gorge during the Russian army’s campaigns in Central Asia.

Temurdara (beginning of July 2018)
Photo of Lake Temurdara (beginning of July 2018)

Lake Temurdara is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, the length of which is 500 meters, the width is 200-250 meters and the depth is up to 10-20 meters. The water of this lake is fresh and very tasty. Alas, it does not live fish as it is according to the inhabitants. The distance from the capital of Tajikistan one way to the lake is 75 kilometers and from the bottom it is necessary to walk 3,5 kilometers along the steep mountain paths that takes only 3 hours approximately.

Fans of mountains and tourism can visit this place from April to the end of August (best in early June). In other months it is usually snowy or cold here. Alas, it is not possible to reach the lake by car, since there is no corresponding road.


Usually the most to get here is not recommended because the road is quite extreme and you can get lost and that’s why the residents of this area can help you, and the best is the special tourist agency called Folov Tajikistan whose website is called http://followtajikistan.com

This organization offers you for about 150, 250 and 500 somoni a one-day tour to this lake, the cost of which includes transportation, breakfast (sandwich) and lunch (chicken wings) with drinks, fruits and sweets. Already hundreds of people including Arabs and Germans became clients of this organization who have an office in Dushanbe along Aini Street in the building building, there are cars of Toyota Prado brand, etc. These people consisting of 5-6 persons within 3-4 hours hours from the city of Dushanbe to Lake Temurdar will be taken both by transport and on foot by footpaths


and organize all the documentation. We almost forgot! To get to the wild Temurdara, you need to go through 2 posts that are guarded by border guards and require permission and it is this tour operator that takes care of such worries (preliminary permission).

Around the lake are very high mountains covered with plants including various herbs, flowers, trees that adorn the nature of this area and give a fabulous view. By the way, not far from this lake there is a lake called Parión (Pairon) and they say that there are unusual sounds there, including musical instruments, and whose voices are equated with angelic speeches.


As you can see here a lot of nuances and for the purpose of a safe tour and pleasant pastime, we recommend to be clients of the company Folovtagikistan. You can call them on the following phones.

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