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Sale of apartments in Dushanbe: 1-bedroom, 2, 3, 4, 5 at low prices

In the city of Dushanbe, there are a lot of proposals for the purchase and sale of real estate, among which mostly new buildings are popular since their prices are lower in the order of 50-70%. For example, if in the inhabited apartments cost 700-800 US dollars, then in new buildings the price is 350-450 dollars for each square meter.
New buildings are found in all districts of the city of Dushanbe and other cities of the Republic of Tajikistan, since this business is more profitable than bank deposits and then is in high demand among the population due to the growing number of Tajikistan residents.
domIn the city of Dushanbe, a lot of construction companies are engaged in the construction of housing and in recent years they have been especially popularly offering apartments to the public on a large scale. For example: 1 bedroom apartment with a total area of 45 square meters. meters or 2-pieces with an area of 7 squares.
Even if the new buildings are sold without repair, but they will be cheaper and therefore the population participates in the shared construction of apartments. Although there are some unscrupulous businessmen and construction companies that throw their customers and launder money from the people.
Therefore, in order to avoid the risks of losing investments in construction, we advise you to use the services of advanced realtors as they are up to date and are interested in protecting your investments.
Also, the services of realtors should be used when buying and selling populated apartments or renting housing, as they quickly find customers, can competently execute documents and slightly convert the received cash into other currencies in banks. More in http://agentstva.tj/

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