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KFC Dushanbe / Tajikistan


In the capital of Tajikistan, KFC, an international chain of catering restaurants, specializing in chicken dishes, has begun its work. The company name stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The opening took place on September 29th, but the official opening will be in October 2021. This institution is located in the …

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SAMPLE OF BALANCE BANK OF TAJIKISTAN December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2020


COMPARATIVE BALANCE of  JSC ” BANK”  December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2020 Account Name On Oktober 30, 2020 On November 30, 2020 Difference                               (+, -) Growth  rate                     (%) ASSETS Liquid assets – total 46 840 626 52 960 326 6 119 700 -11,49% including: – cash and gold 21 …

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Import Requirements and Documentation


Importing goods into Tajikistan is complicated and time-consuming. Comprehensive information on the process is on the Tajik Customs Agency website: www.customs.tj Importers should be aware, however, that requirements may change with little notice, and that actual procedures on the border may differ substantially from official regulations. A customs inspector will …

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As of 2011, Tajikistan’s agricultural sector accounts for 23.8% of GDP, 49.2% of employment, 30% of exports, and 40% of tax revenue. Agriculture has historically played a paramount role in Tajikistan’s social, economic, and political life. The volume of agricultural gross production in Tajikistan exceeded 14.8 billion somoni ($3.1 billion) …

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Mercury (Hg) and Antimony (Sb) in Tajikistan

Mercury (Hg)

Primary deposits of mercury and antimony are located within the Zerafshan and Gissar valleys and in the Pamirs. Industrial reserves are estimated for the following deposits: Jijikurt Shing and Magian Groups Konchoch Ores in these deposits are complex and can include both mercury and antimony; ores in Konchoch, however, contain …

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Coal in Tajikistan


There are about 35 coal deposits in Tajikistan, with cumulative geological reserves estimated at 4 billion tons. The government is especially eager to develop this sector in the hope of alleviating their chronic energy crisis. The largest deposit is Fon-Yaghnob (between Khujand and Dushanbe), a reserve of approximately 800 million …

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Silver of Tajikistan


Konimansuri Kalon The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has been retained by the Government of Tajikistan as the Lead Adviser in the implementation of a transparent selection of a private mining developer to undertake the exploration and subsequent development of the Konimansuri Kalon (previously …

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in million USD 2006 2007 2008 2009 (est.) 2010 (est.) Total Market Size 20 25 30 90 170 (Source: U.S. Embassy estimates. Due to restrictions on public information in the mining sector, figures for production, exports, and imports are unknown.) Tajikistan has significant reserves of a wide range of valuable …

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Best Prospects/Services in Tajikistan


There is demand for food processing at all scales. Additional opportunities exist for U.S. investors who are willing to establish joint ventures and partnerships with existing producers to add value to products. The best prospects for U.S. exporters and investors are: — Machines for preparing of fruits, nuts, and vegetables; …

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The food-processing sector in Tajikistan has 21 sub-sectors, including canned vegetables, canned fruits, fresh and dry fruits, meat and dairy processing, feed and confectionary production, organic (animal) oil, vegetable oil, pasta, liquor, wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, salt, and tobacco production. There are over 600 companies in the sector. Once wholly …

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