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Hotel Tojikiston / Tajikistan in Dushanbe 5*

Сурати мехмонхонаи точикистон

The 5-star Hotel Tajikistan is the most elite and famous hotel in the heart of Dushanbe, located in the business center of the capital of Tajikistan, where there are ministries and departments culturally entertainment and shopping centers. Previously known as Intourist. The hotel consists of 120 rooms in, each of which …

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Curriculum Vitae – Example


Summary   First name:                                      Kadyrov Yusufjan Latifovich   Place of residence:                                   Dushanbe district I. Somoni Khamzalieva street 3 sq. M 5 Phone: mob.                                   (992) 93-560-15-13                house.                                (992) 228-01-74 e-mail:                                              Onix6987@mail.ru   Summary of qualifications. A young specialist with over 8 years of experience …

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Import Requirements and Documentation


Importing goods into Tajikistan is complicated and time-consuming. Comprehensive information on the process is on the Tajik Customs Agency website: www.customs.tj Importers should be aware, however, that requirements may change with little notice, and that actual procedures on the border may differ substantially from official regulations. A customs inspector will …

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The cosmetics and toiletries market is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Tajikistan, with annual growth of 20-50% during the last five years. Tajikistan is a net importer of cosmetics and toiletries because local production was not developed during or since the Soviet era. Key market segments are: …

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Privatization in agriculture sector (Tajikistan)


As a result of policy reforms in the agriculture sector, 662 collective farms were reorganized into 26,518 private farms throughout Tajikistan. The process has not been a straightforward one, however, and market liberalization reforms have resulted in widespread losses. Some of the factors include overcoming Post-Soviet era effects, poor farm management, …

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As of 2011, Tajikistan’s agricultural sector accounts for 23.8% of GDP, 49.2% of employment, 30% of exports, and 40% of tax revenue. Agriculture has historically played a paramount role in Tajikistan’s social, economic, and political life. The volume of agricultural gross production in Tajikistan exceeded 14.8 billion somoni ($3.1 billion) …

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The construction sector in Tajikistan has developed rapidly in the past five years and continues to grow at an average rate of 5-10% per year. The construction sector is mostly state financed industry. Prior to 2003 the sector attracted little investment due to the unstable business environment and lingering effects …

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Mercury (Hg) and Antimony (Sb) in Tajikistan

Mercury (Hg)

Primary deposits of mercury and antimony are located within the Zerafshan and Gissar valleys and in the Pamirs. Industrial reserves are estimated for the following deposits: Jijikurt Shing and Magian Groups Konchoch Ores in these deposits are complex and can include both mercury and antimony; ores in Konchoch, however, contain …

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Coal in Tajikistan


There are about 35 coal deposits in Tajikistan, with cumulative geological reserves estimated at 4 billion tons. The government is especially eager to develop this sector in the hope of alleviating their chronic energy crisis. The largest deposit is Fon-Yaghnob (between Khujand and Dushanbe), a reserve of approximately 800 million …

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Silver of Tajikistan


Konimansuri Kalon The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has been retained by the Government of Tajikistan as the Lead Adviser in the implementation of a transparent selection of a private mining developer to undertake the exploration and subsequent development of the Konimansuri Kalon (previously …

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