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Recommendation letter from manager

May 10, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Mirziyoev Shavkat during his tenure as Head of the Loans Division of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Bank” in Tashkent in 1985-200. As Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Bank” and his direct supervisor, I can attest that Mr. Mirziyoev coped brilliantly with all his tasks, manifesting creativity and ability to resolve tough situations, and contributing immensely to the bank’s overall operation and success. He steered the Loans Division most expertly and efficiently, and he did so in full understanding of the intricacies of the economic, financial and legislative situation in Uzbekistan.

Meticulousness and attention to detail are an absolute must in a position that deals with funding businesses or individuals.  It is not enough to know and follow the pattern—one has to have an inborn feel for what has promise or reeks of failure.  Mr. Mirziyoev possessed and daily manifested that quality in full measure.

Mirziyoev professional skills and insight could only be matched by his dedication to the bank’s human resources policy. He developed and implemented a strategy of constant qualifications improvement for the crediting staff, oftentimes holding training sessions himself. The overall picture of him as a manager would have been incomplete without the mention that, as Head of the Loans Division, he effectively managed and distributed the workload among his team, knowing and putting to good use the staff’s personal strengths.

Shavqat’s exceptional writing skills proved very handy in the bank’s time-driven environment.  He was quick in coming up with well-structured and convincing correspondence with high-level officials within and without the bank, as well as producing timely and well thought-out reports.

I avail myself of the opportunity to recommend Shavkat Mirziyoev as a most reliable, knowledgeable employee, equally demanding of others, and easy to deal with in the process.

Islom Karimovich Kim

Assistant of the Chairman

of the OJSC”Bank”

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