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Import Requirements and Documentation

Importing goods into Tajikistan is complicated and time-consuming. Comprehensive information on the process is on the Tajik Customs Agency website: www.customs.tj Importers should be aware, however, that requirements may change with little notice, and that actual procedures on the border may differ substantially from official regulations.

A customs inspector will begin clearing goods by creating a file containing the following documents, which the importer should have ready:

  • Copy of the importer’s certificate of registration to confirm that it is a legal entity
  • Copy of the taxpayer identification number (the original must be shown during each phase of the clearance process)
  • Copy of the charter (usually not required, but should be ready if requested)
  • Copy of incorporation documents (usually not required, but should be ready if requested; if equipment from manufacturing plants is being imported as chartered capital, a registered charter and legal statement from the Ministry of Justice should be included)
  • Copy of the certificate of registration with the State Statistics Committee (customs agents may request to see the original during each clearance procedure)

The basic document of the customs clearance process is the Customs Cargo Declaration, which includes information about the shipment contents, ownership, and destination.

Below is the list of documents that must be attached to the Customs Cargo Declaration:

Power of attorney authorizing an agent – a certified staff member or customs broker – to conduct the customs clearance

  1. International sales contract
  2. Shipping documents (bill of lading, packing list, customs declaration of the shipping or transit country, etc.);
  3. Invoice
  4. Certificate of Origin
  5. Bank reference confirming 100% payment of the advance payment for the listed goods
  6. Transit declaration, confirming arrival of goods to point of destination
  7. Compliance with limits and/or prohibitions
  8. Certificate of Quality issued by Tajikstandart, or one of the appropriate certified laboratories:
  • Quarantine Certificate for agricultural products, issued by the State Quarantine Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
  • Veterinary Certificate issued by the Office of Veterinary Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
  • Quota and licenses for alcohol and tobacco products issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
  • Certificate for pharmaceutical goods issued by the Ministry of Health
  • Certificate for import of agricultural products, ornamental and cultivated plants (including seeds), and silkworm issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
  • Certificate for radio electronic devices and high frequency devices issued by the Ministry of Transport Communications

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