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Direct Marketing in Tajikistan

One of the most effective marketing techniques in Tajikistan is direct marketing, especially in Dushanbe. Popular forms of direct marketing are through major cultural or sports events and door-to-door marketing.

Marketing by mail is not widely used due to Tajikistan’s unreliable postal system.
Mary Kay and Avon, Oriflame, and Faberlic distributors are active mainly in Dushanbe, and there is opportunity for development in direct marketing.

Direct Marketing

There are several local advertising firms based in Dushanbe. Television, radio, outdoor advertising, and weekly newspaper publications are the primary advertising channels.

For business services, general image promotion and brand recognition campaigns are usually conducted using outdoor advertising.

There are several media options; although there are no private television stations with nationwide coverage, some small private television companies exist in smaller towns. In Dushanbe, there are 10 leading FM radio stations and one cable television network. Much of the population uses satellite dishes to receive a variety of TV programs, mainly from Russia and Uzbekistan.

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