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letter of recommendation (Пример)

Пример Рекомендательного письма на английском языке для получения грантов и участие в различных форумах или семинар аз за рубежом.

To Whom It May Concern

Letter of Recommendation 

Latipov Isroil Kamolovich has been working at the farm enterprise «Bogiston» since 1990 and proved to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable managers of the organization. The activities aimed at cultivation of the most profitable varieties of fruit and seedlings have been carried out under the supervision of Mr. Latipov. Moreover, he successfully performs the obligations of the person in charge of international sales and marketing operations.


On the initiative of Mr. Latipov, favourable relations have been re-established with the foreign clients; along with that, export of fruit seedlings and large quantities of fruit has been started. These improvements had a significant influence on the economic status of the farm enterprise.

Furthermore, when required, Mr. Latipov is engaged in the process of trade relations establishment, and also carries out advertising of goods manufactured by other farms with the purpose of their export abroad.

We are convinced that extension of Mr. Latipov’s knowledge and gaining experience in the developed countries can have a considerably positive effect both on the operations of our farm enterprise and other organizations, since Mr. Latipov possesses a number of advantages such as professional skills and modern perception of the world.




     General Manager                                                                   Kayumov Sh.N.

«Bogiston« Farm Enterprise                                     

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