The food-processing sector in Tajikistan has 21 sub-sectors, including canned vegetables, canned fruits, fresh and dry fruits, meat and dairy processing, feed and confectionary production, organic (animal) oil, vegetable oil, pasta, liquor, wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, salt, and tobacco production. There are over 600 companies in the sector. Once wholly …

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2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total Market Size $ 2-3 billion $ 2-3 billion $ 2-3 billion $ 2-3 billion $ 2-3 billion Total Local Production 17.4 billion kWh 14.8 billion kWh 16.09 billion kWh 16.4 billion kWh 16.2 billion kWh Total Exports 4.2 billion kWh 1 billion kWh n/a …

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Local Professional Services in Tajikistan


It is advisable to contact one of the consulting companies in Tajikistan for advice on the potential for U.S. business operations in Tajikistan. Tajikistan has one of the most unsettled commercial environments in the world. Professional counsel on taxation and legal aspects of business can save time, resources, and money. …

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Due Diligence in Tajikistan


There are no companies that formally conduct due diligence in Tajikistan, although potential investors may consult some of the professionals noted in the following section. The U.S. Embassy may be able to provide general or anecdotal background on a specific company or individual, but cannot conduct due diligence for interested …

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Tajikistan


In spite of the fact that Tajikistan is a member of many international agreements and unions, Tajikistan does not adhere to key international agreements on intellectual property rights and there are few real protections for patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property. There are a number of provisions in the …

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Sales Service/Customer Support in Tajikistan


In general, customer support and service in Tajikistan is very poor. This may represent an opportunity for U.S. firms, since providing after-sales services may help create a dedicated consumer base. U.S. companies should be prepared to commit resources to intensive customer service training for local staff, since many of the …

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Pricing in Tajikistan


To estimate pricing on the local market, companies should take into account transportation costs, associated import duties (customs duties, fees, certification costs), and value added tax (VAT). Tajikistan’s overall trade-weighted import tariff averages out to some 7.5% (minimum 5% – maximum 15%), not including the 18% VAT. However, trading with …

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Tajikistan: Trade Promotion and Advertising


The mass media market in Tajikistan offers some opportunities for trade promotion and advertising. There are no international advertising agencies in Tajikistan. All advertising is conducted by local companies and regulated by central and local authorities. Advertising on the internet is limited but has some potential for growth as the …

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Electronic Commerce in Tajikistan

Electronic Commerce

Access to email and the internet is much less prevalent in Tajikistan than in many areas of the world. That said, many local companies do have some access. They often have just one email address, typically registered on the free .ru domain, and email is checked by a secretary or …

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Tajikistan: Selling Factors/Techniques

Selling Factors/Techniques

As with any country, the marketing and selling of goods and services in Tajikistan must be adapted to its commercial climate and business practices. Market research is needed to identify opportunities and possible Tajik business partners. Selecting a business partner in Tajikistan should be done only after conducting sufficient due …

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