Sale of apartments in Dushanbe: 1-bedroom, 2, 3, 4, 5 at low prices


In the city of Dushanbe, there are a lot of proposals for the purchase and sale of real estate, among which mostly new buildings are popular since their prices are lower in the order of 50-70%. For example, if in the inhabited apartments cost 700-800 US dollars, then in new …

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Hotel Service Agreement


Hotel Service Agreement №___ Tashkent city «___» 2019 «TASHKENT» LLC a company duly registered and existing under the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, represented by General Director Lolar J.L., acting on the basis of the Chart (hereinafter – the “Hotel”), on the other part, and ____Transavia Express, a company …

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Menu restaurant of Dushanbe

хурокхои бомаза

SIDESALADS Salad “Green Glade”       Fresh green Salads from the Garden                       80 gr           8 somoni Tajik Lemons Salad “Apple”                                                          120 gr         10 somoni Lettuce with Slides of Apple,  White Wine Sauce Salad – “Grape”                                                        120 gr  …

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Hotel Tojikiston / Tajikistan in Dushanbe 5*

Сурати мехмонхонаи точикистон

The 5-star Hotel Tajikistan is the most elite and famous hotel in the heart of Dushanbe, located in the business center of the capital of Tajikistan, where there are ministries and departments culturally entertainment and shopping centers. Previously known as Intourist. The hotel consists of 120 rooms in, each of which …

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The Story of the Rat, Goat, Sheep, Cow and Snake

Таззоди зиндагӣ:

A rat lived in its hole that was a barn and a snake burst into its hole once. The rat ran off and went to the Goat, the Sheep and the Cow so that they would help to drive the snake away. But in response they said that this did …

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Sumaya from Tajikistan needs you! Go ahead Cancer!


A poor and young girl from a Tajik family named Sumaya from the city of Dushanbe who has leukemia hurts you for help. She is studying at school in the 2nd grade, which is located in the Giprozemgorodok. His father is a migrant worker, but they do not have enough …

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Hotel in cener of Dushanbe city – Shumon: prices, contact, photoes


4- star Hotel “Shumon” invites you to Dushanbe – the heart of  Tajikistan! Dushanbe is a garden city with wide streets and quares, beautiful shady parks and alleys, cool artificial  lakes and singing fountains. The history of the city begins  with a village called Dushanbe, the earliest information about which …

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Curriculum Vitae – Example


Summary   First name:                                      Kadyrov Yusufjan Latifovich   Place of residence:                                   Dushanbe district I. Somoni Khamzalieva street 3 sq. M 5 Phone: mob.                                   (992) 93-560-15-13                house.                                (992) 228-01-74 e-mail:                                       Summary of qualifications. A young specialist with over 8 years of experience …

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Temurdara – Lake in Tajikistan


Temurda is the name of the gorge where there is a very beautiful lake with a similar name on the northern part of the Shakhrinavsky district of the Republic of Tajikistan. Temurdar enter the zone of the national park of Shirkent and is protected by the state. This article tells …

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