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Joint Ventures/Licensing in Tajikistan

Between 1998 and 2012, more than 600 joint ventures were registered in Tajikistan, according to the Ministry of Justice and the State Statistical Committee; less than 200 of these ventures are currently in operation, however.
The list of joint ventures is not available to the public. There are 37 U.S.-Tajik Joint ventures that have been registered in Tajikistan since 2003.

Most are run by Tajik citizens who migrated to the United States and decided to keep their business relations in Tajikistan by transforming their companies into joint ventures.

Joint Ventures/Licensing

Joint ventures can be established as a limited liability company (LLC) or a joint stock company (JSC).
Joint ventures exist in banking and finance, mining, industry, energy, telecommunications, textiles, and food preparation. Most joint ventures are registered with Russian, Kazakh, Iranian, and Chinese companies.

The new Permits Law was signed in 2011 and has reduced the number of permissions and licenses required for business activities in Tajikistan from 607 permits to 87. Updated information on the legal issues and process required to obtain permits can be found at the webpage of the State Committee on Investment and Property Management of Tajikistan, Single State Electronic Registry for Business Licenses and Permits http://www.ijozat.tj/index.php?lang=en

The law covers the following types of permits:

  1. Evaluation activities
  2. Employment services of Tajik citizens outside of Tajikistan and foreign citizens in Tajikistan
  3. Audit services
  4. Legal services
  5. Expert and environmental services
  6. Patent agent services
  7. Advertisement services
  8. Private insurance services
  9. Professional stock exchange brokers
  10. Distribution of printed/published products
  11. Architectural/city planning
  12. Use of natural resources
  13. Energy services (installation, commissioning of energy communications, operation of energy facilities)
  14. Transportation services

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