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Electronic Commerce in Tajikistan

Access to email and the internet is much less prevalent in Tajikistan than in many areas of the world. That said, many local companies do have some access. They often have just one email address, typically registered on the free .ru domain, and email is checked by a secretary or designated person on an occasional basis.

Electronic Commerce

According to the report, “Tajikistan Electronic Readiness Assessment, Evaluation of Various Factors that Identify Information Readiness of Tajikistan for Participation in the Networked World,” published in 2017 by Civil Internet Policy Initiative Group (CIPI) in Tajikistan http://cipi.tj/, more than 5 companies provide internet services in Tajikistan.

The list below reflects the situation as of February 2018:

  1. Babilon-T – http://www.babilon-t.tj
  2. Tojiktelecom – http://www.tajiktelecom.tj
  3. Intercom – http://www.intercom.tj
  4. Telecom Technology – http://www.tajnet.com
  5. Eastera – http://www.eastera.tj
  6. Saturn Online – http://www.saturn.tj

According to a CIPI survey approximately one million households own personal computers. The official estimated number of internet users is 2.1 million The number of internet subscribers with unique IP addresses is estimated at only 4,700. An estimated 38% of the population in Tajikistan has regular access to the internet either at home, work, school, internet cafes, or other means.
According to a survey of internet providers the total number of internet service contracts in Tajikistan is 15,600, 12052 out of which are in Dushanbe, followed by Khatlon province – 1293, Sughd province – 1803, the Republican Subordination Districts – 1790 and GBAO – 210, respectively.

Businessmen and officials are gradually getting more comfortable with using email. E-commerce may be the next niche where U.S. companies can apply their expertise to develop the market in Tajikistan. .

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