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Tajikistan: Selling Factors/Techniques

As with any country, the marketing and selling of goods and services in Tajikistan must be adapted to its commercial climate and business practices. Market research is needed to identify opportunities and possible Tajik business partners. Selecting a business partner in Tajikistan should be done only after conducting sufficient due diligence and consulting with the U.S. Embassy Economic Section in Dushanbe.

It can be helpful for U.S. companies to network with American companies already present in the Tajik market. The American-Tajik Chamber of Commerce based in Dushanbe can also provide helpful information at www.amcham.tj.

Selling Factors/Techniques

Due to the weak banking system in Tajikistan, U.S. potential exporters should use letters of credit and other secure financing mechanism in transactions with their Tajik counterparts.

Currency fluctuations may require U.S. exporters to adjust prices abruptly and significantly.

Although the official state language of Tajikistan is Tajiki, Russian remains the language of business and according to the Constitution of Tajikistan it is the language of international communication. For promotional and advertising campaigns, it is necessary to comply with the “Law on Advertising” that requires the use of the Tajiki language in an advertisement’s content and wording.

All promotional materials should be translated into Tajiki and/or Russian before approaching a Tajik company. The choice of Tajiki or Russian will depend on the type of product and the target audience. Russian is widely spoken in the capital and Khujand and the less populous east, but has been declining in use in smaller towns. There are large rural parts of the country where only Tajiki is spoken.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy local partner known in the business community will substantially ease interactions with regulators and help a U.S. company to understand local consumer customs and behavior.


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